About Protex

A Brief History of the Company

Protex Healthcare was incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1999 with the aim of developing Vacutex™, our unique capillary action wound dressing. 

Our main product, Vacutex™, has been carefully developed and protected as part of a wider portfolio of wound management products over the past 15 years, and is now an internationally recognised solution for advanced wound care. The product was developed for patients with difficult to heal wounds, and is to be used by wound care specialist practitioners.

Following a three-year development period up to 2002, which included a large multi-centred random clinical trial and an independent audit, Vacutex™ was immediately accepted into the UK NHS reimbursement regime under a newly created separate reimbursement category. Market research amongst nurses inside and outside UK has shown in 2012-2014 that there was a growing need for a product like Vacutex, in the field of chronic and difficult to heal wounds. This still reflects its innovative and unique stature as a leading global wound management solution.

Since January 2015 and due to a change in ownership, Protex Healthcare has restarted its development and manufacturing processes, in particular in the field of difficult to heal wounds.

Mission and Vision

Protex Healthcare aims to further develop, manufacture and market a restricted range of highly specialised advanced wound care products for use in growing and specialised niche markets all over the world. The products are all developed in cooperation with nurses in their everyday practise, and are backed up with significant educational support towards our users (specialised wound care nurses and other wound care professionals in both hospitals as well as home care settings).
All our products aim to improve the quality and speed of wound healing and as well as the quality of life of our patients, in the meantime reducing both total nursing time and total care costs for patients, hospitals and governments.
Some of our major areas of focus are the treatment of difficult to heal wounds, such as DFU, VLU, pressure sores and dehisced wounds as well as several kinds of ulcers.

Quality First

Protex Healthcare is manufacturing quality product, conforming with the latest regulatory demands in the production of wound care dressings, and in accordance with the newest Medical Device directives.

Protex Healthcare:
Designed for Patients, Tailored by Nurses

In order to achieve its goals, Protex Healthcare is constantly increasing its wound specialist teams and trainers, all over the world. If you have developed a breakthrough or improvement in wound healing products or protocols, and you want to further develop this with us to the benefit of your colleagues worldwide, we will be happy to listen to you and to see if and how we can help, with respect to the initial improvement.

As a part of our global mission and vision, Protex Healthcare is engaging in cooperation with independent wound care associations, in order to contribute to the spreading of best practises in wound care for both difficult to heal wounds as for global wound care We believe that the mixture of excellent know-how in wound care as well as specifically designed products for the right applications do make a difference.